Anthony Orlando


Southern California based dj/ producer Anthony Orlando, aka Tone Capone has been packin clubs and rockin dance floors since 1991.With a vast knowledge, and complete love for all musical genres; Tones mixing style is one of just that! His first musical influence was straight up Rock N Roll. He began playing the guitar in 79', at the age of 9 and by 15 he and the band LaRokk were already playing in local spots around San Diego. In his High School years he would dabble into everything he 80’s had to offer, once introduced to dance music however there was no turning back. Graduation came in 88’ and so did the first house parties. After borrowing 2 turntables from friends in Los Angeles, adding a cd player, and a tape player to a Realistic mixer, Tone and his two partners started throwing parties in the northern coastal town of San Diego. All technicalities aside, they just knew what to play. Once the boys developed their technical skills to match their inherit ability to read a crowd there was no stopping them.